Modern Living.
Perfectly Engineered.

The modern way of American living is about maximizing light and space in our homes and apartments, through
the adoption of large glazed areas. KomaDoor from Eurocraft ECO-Star is a German designed lift and slide door solution that’s manufactured in the USA, offering
incredible levels of performance and size capabilities. Whether you are an architect, building professional or home owner, take inspiration from the rest of this beautifully presented brochure.

& Space.

KomaDoor is a precision engineered, lift and slide door solution that has been designed to bring in the maximum amount of light in all modern living environments, across all climatic conditions. It’s capable of achieving heights up to 9.5ft and a width of 21.5ft in a two-panel design, providing home owners with the opportunity to enjoy the maximum amount of light and space.

& Secure.

Product design and multi-point locking systems ensure that KomaDoor not only protects you from the elements, but is also inherently highly safe and secure. The unique handle operation also makes door operation incredibly light, with the moving door sash lifting and then gently sliding into the desired opening position, a reflection of the detailed engineering we put into our globally renowned window and door systems.

Images show slim sightline Lux

variant, in the fixed sash.


& Architecture.

We can offer two, three and four panel opening options, with a number of variants which can help open up the complete side of any home or apartment. The design of KomaDoor also includes a very low ADA compliant sill which can be flush mounted for the the most exacting of projects. It’s also a foiled finishing detail, making for a seamless transition from home to the outside world.

Classic White

White still remains our most popular finish, with its elegant and clean finish. As a neutral color, it can integrate within any type of building fabric and finish, both inside and out.

Woodgrains and Colours

With a choice of rich golden oak, anthracite grey, or cylon black, there’s a durable finish to meet the most exacting of projects. It’s also a foiled laminate that’s been developed to offer unrivalled long-term performance.

AluClip Cladding

As well as a number of colored and woodgrain options, we can also offer an aluminium exterior which is available in literally hundreds of different colours and this includes our new slim sightline Lux variant.

This case study by Innotech Windows & Doors involved the building of a custom built home in Langley, British Columbia with over-sized windows and doors. KomaDoor lift and slide doors were specified, each just over 8ft high and 18ft wide in a three-panel design. Located in the dining room, living room and master bedroom, these doors provided unobstructed views and seamless indoor- outdoor living, as specified by architect and builder.

Images courtesy of Innotech Windows + Doors, Inc.

Designer:Tom Bakker Design Builder: Shirmar Construction


& Testing.

Products from Eurocraft ECO-Star are tested to the latest global standards and meet all of the requirements for the USA and we’re a Proud Member of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Specifications include:

  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-11, NAFS 2011 – North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights.

  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08, NAFS – North American Fenestration Standard/ Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights.

  • CSA A440S1-09, Canadian Supplement to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440, NAFS – North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights.

    Operating in over 70 countries worldwide, our products are tested and proven to extremes.


& Benefits.

KomaDoor is an impressive and capable lift and slide door system, designed to enrich any new construction or home remodelling project. We can also offer our System 76 tilt and turn window system, which is designed to perfectly complement the KomaDoor system with matching colours, finishes
and the aluminium AluClip exterior, for a complete building solution.

• Installation depth of 8.15in with a frame sightline of just 2.56in

• Five-chambered sash, just 3.46in deep with a 3.94in sightline

• Slimline Lux variant (as shown above) offers a greater passage of light

• Suitable for internal and external double or triple glazing

• Very low ADA compliant, thermally broken WPC sill

• High performance running tracks and hardware, designed for longevity

• Heavy duty steel reinforcement adds structural strength for large sizes

• Highly energy efficient and offers impressive sound insulation values 

• Wide range of colour, woodgrain and aluminium AluClip cover options 

• Invisible drainage adds further design detail

& Building Professionals.

KomaDoor is a perfect large span door solution for both new construction and home remodelling projects, helping to maximise light and space. With an installation depth of 3.46in the flush mounted five chamber sash offers a typical U-value of 0.21 – 0.23 BTU/(hr 0F ft2), within an overall installation depth of 8.15in.Passivhaus standards of performance can also be readily achieved, with a centre pain U-value of 0.14, while sound insulation values as high as Rw = 45db can also be reached.

KomaDoor is a beautifully engineered lift and slide door system, that helps open up homes and apartments to the world outside. Maximizing light and space is the new American way of modern living and we’ve a number of delighted homeowners across the USA, supported by experienced dealers and design partners who enjoy our design-led products. Ask them for a little expert advice, including CAD and project details and bring a little European design into your home or apartment.